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Product Description

Honey is a super power food used since ancient ages for stamina, good health and immunity. Honey bees use pollen to make honey which is the most potent part of the tree. Pollens are natural steroids and hence honey has beneficial immune factors & antioxidants making it an excellent longevity anti-ageing food. Regular use helps build stamina, fight cough & cold, aids digestion, heart health and several studies show it helps in reducing cholesterol and triglycerides, healthy weight management, counters pollen allergies, natural energy source, sleep promoter, wound and ulcer healer, diabetes aid, acts as natural sleeping aid, skin tonic.

Pureganic Honey is collected from bee boxes kept in farms. The bees increase pollination and are not harmed or killed in the process of honey collection. Honey so collected has a particular taste and medicinal benefits of that crop as well, making it 100% natural & effective.

Increases immunity, energy levels, Digestion, Blood Count (RBC+WBC), excellent remedy for cough, cold, fever, flu, sore throat & effects of season changes. It is an excellent Beauty Aid, Skin Hydrator which can be applied on face to fight acne & pimple.

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Honey with lukewarm water and few drops of lemon juice is a tried & tested recipe for weight loss. It works wonders on skin problems, rejuvenates skin, makes it look fresh and young. Used with tomato juice it is an excellent de-tan mask. It also prevents and controls eczema.

An excellent digestive aid (especially when added to yogurt or apple cider vinegar) it cures damage due to acid reflux, helps build n sustain good gut bacteria.

The complex sugars in honey get absorbed in the body gradually so for diabetics it is a better healthier option than plain white sugar.

Anti-inflammatory properties of honey make it an excellent food for arthritis and joint pain.

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Disclaimer : All claims based on traditional Indian knowledge

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