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Product Description

Product Description

Tasty chewies made from colostrum. Ideal for tiffin food or as substitute to toffee.

Colostrum is Natures magic nutrient made from pre-milk fluid when calf is born. Nutri-rich packed with factors that enhance immunity, growth, digestion, brain, muscle, collagen.

Prevents muscle loss while fasting, dieting or exercising. It is high in Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, D, E, K, Bio-active proteins, calcium, Immunoglobulins IgG, IgM, IgA, IgD , Lactoferrin, Leptin, IGF-1.

Muscle & Tissue Builder, Enhanced Sexual Functioning, Metabolism Booster, Bone-density N Gut Health, diabetes n stress, Fertility, pain, mood swings, Rapid healing n recovery from illness or surgery, Anti cancer HIV defense.

Approved by the Olympic committee to be benignly beneficial for sportsmen, high protein, Immune Growth & Digestive factors, Muscle builder, strengthens Brain n Nerve Network, Anti-Aging, Collagen Stimulators, Anti- Wrinkle, Removes fatigue and boosts energy, Must for Heart Patients, Children, Seniors, HIV, body builders, sportsmen, pre mature babies. In cuts, stitches, burns, wounds, gangrene.

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In ancient India when calf is born the first two days milk (it is technically Pre-milk fluid) called colostrum (chik, bari,khi in some languages) was first given to the calf then excess to kids & adults to build foundation of good health, strength & immunity

ANTI-AGEING -Fights fatigue, Collagen stimulation, Wrinkle free skin, vigour, vitality, new cell growth, heals scars, wounds, Prevention + cure stroke Alzheimer dementia strengthens n rejuvenates - Muscle Brain Nerves Digestion Immunity Bones Skin

SPORTSMEN- Performance & Stamina Booster, Tissue strength, Oxygen Carrying Capacity, Repair & strengthen Ligament-Cartilage, Wear-Tear Of Muscle, Used by top athletes globally. Approved by Olympic Committee

AUTO IMMUNE DISEASE - Type 1 Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Leukaemia, Psoriasis, Autism, Ulcerative colitis, Neuropathy, Thyroiditis, are all disorders of immunity. High immune factors help it to balance & boost immunity. Also effective to maintain Immunity during chemo, in HIV AIDS

INCH-LOSS, WEIGHT u2013LOSS (BURNS FAT PROTECTS MUSCLE) -Increases hunger hormone leptin which regulates weight by controlling hunger. Increases high quality protein, Inceases muscle mass which consumes more calories, stamina for workouts, metabolism.

DIABETICS GANGRENE, SKIN PROBLEMS - In diabetics cuts, wounds are difficult to heal often leading to gangrene. Here external application of colostrum gives super results. Also in case of burns and other skin problems this is very effective. Mixed with our pure gir cow ghee this is beneficial in psoriasis

KIDS GROWTH, APETITE, IMMUNITY- It aids increase of Height, Stamina, Growth, Appetite, Memory, Brain, Digestion, Excellent results in Fussy eaters, Premature babies, kids with challenged mental & physical growth

Helpful for diseases like


Increases Memory


Repair Ligament-Cartilage


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