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Moringa Oil = oil from Moringa Seeds (Drumstick • Shevga • Saragvo • Sahajan ) Must for Vegetarians • Lubricant & Anti -Inflammatory

3-4 Drops in Naval (Belly Button). It is completely edible. If OK with the taste one can use like olive oil and also add to salads.

Product Description

Product Description

Anti-Oxidant, Immunity Booster, Cholesterol & Heart & Liver Health, Gastrointestinal problems, Joint problems, Arthritis, Strong Bones. It is excellent Anti-Inflammatory so takes away swelling.

It is very good for skin & hair also helps remove puffiness of the eyes.

Helps digestion, Menstruation Cramps.

Helps in removing vayudosha.

Strengthens the nerve network and so helpful in sciatica also.

How to Use

At night apply 3-4 drops in the naval (belly button). Stay for 5-7 minutes in same position till oil is all absorbed.

Add 10% Moringa oil to your regular hair oil & apply. Gives strong bouncy lustrous hair, prevents fall.

Just warm the oil and gently massage it into the hair with the tips of your fingers .

Soak a towel in hot water, wring out extra water and wrap it around your oiled hair.

Leave it on till the heat completely goes off. The heat will allow your scalp to better absorb the oil, repairing the hair from the roots.

Leave the oil on for at least an hour then use a mild herbal shampoo to wash hair.

Taking this treatment once a week will significantly improve the health of your hair. You will have healthier hair from root to tip and all scalp problems will completely vanish!

Mix 3-4 drops with face pack/ Face gel for healthy glowing skin and anti-ageing effect .

Moringa oil or Ben oil is known to be the safest and an all-natural skin moisturizer. Massaging it into the skin makes the skin soft, supple and glowing.

Best part, it is not sticky and does not make the skin look oily.

Massaging it well makes it completely absorbed by the skin, which then works on the skin texture from within. It is rich in antioxidants and omega 9 fatty acids that prevent signs of ageing by smoothening the skin and also offering an even skin tone.

Take a drop on the finger and rub around eyes to remove puffiness and dark circle.

In case of swelling, inflammation or twisting of limbs Take a few drops and massage on the effected area along with application in the naval.

This oil is a very high source of omega 9. It is completely edible. If OK with the taste one can use like olive oil and also add to salads .

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Joint Pain : Lubrication , Removal Of Swelling & Inflammation , Arthritis , Strong Bones.

Stomach Disorders :Soothe Inflammation In The Gut, Balance Bacterial Levels , Optimize Digestion Thereby Reducing Acidity , Treat Ulcers ,Spasms, Pre-Menstrual Pain

Skin :Excellent Moisturiser , Heals Dry Skin , Psoriasis , Eczema , Dandruff , Wounds , Cuts , Scrapes , Arthritis , Gout , Premature Aging , Wrinkles , Puffyness Of Eyes , Dark Circles

Hair Care: Stimulates Hair Growth , Protects Against Hair Loss , Protect The Scalp , Strengthens Hair Folicle And Keeps It Moisturized , Limiting Dandruff , Fatty Acids Improve The Shine And Luster Of Hair , Behenic Acid Is Major Component Of Hair u2013 Conditioners For Smoothening.

Relaxation: Anti-Anxiety , Calming Of Nerves , High BP , Sleep Disorder , Epilepsy

General :Asthma , Cancer , Epilepsy , Diabetes , Bacterial/fungal/viral/parasitic Infections , kidney Stones , Heart & Cholesterol .

Helpful for diseases like

Joint Pain

Heart & Cholesterol


Protects Against Hair Loss


1.What is Moringa oil?

["It is the oil from seeds of Drumstick tree also known as saragvo / sahjan / shevga. This is generally found in the tropical region and the tree being of Indian Origin Indian Moringa is one of the best.

2.What are the main nutrients of PUREGANIC MORINGA OIL?

It is very high in Omega 6, 9 Fatty acid , Behenic Acid, Vitamin E, Flavanoids.

3.What are the characteristics of PUREGANIC MORINGA OIL?

It is very high in Omega 6, 9 Fatty acid , Behenic Acid. Pureganic Moringa works excellently on inflammation / swelling, water retention and what ayurved calles u201cvayuu201d which is responsible for joint pain, indigestion. The existence and properties of moringa oil are also seen recorded in ancient Egypt, around 2480 BC, as a source of cooking, perfume, embalmment and medicines. In ancient Greece and Rome, it was a commonly used oil used for cosmetics, ointments, creams and as an essential oil. It is supposed to be very good for skin, bones, Liver & hair.

4.Can I consume PUREGANIC MORINGA OIL? Is it Edible?

Yes totally. This oil is a very high source of omega 9. It is completely edible. If OK with the taste one can use like olive oil and also add to salads.

5.Can I massage PUREGANIC MORINGA OIL on the inflamed area or swelling?

Yes. If it is too much aggravated can also use heat pad so that the oil penetrates deep within.

6.How does PUREGANIC MORINGA OIL aid in digestion, acidity and ulcer?

All the veins of our body are connected to the naval. So Absorption of oil takes place from there into the entire system. Centuries ago, Moringa oil was the most commonly used deworming remedy. Because of its properties it helped clear the stomach and is till date known to be an effective remedy for stomach ulcers. Also, it can regulate and improve your bowel movements.

7.What is the nutrition profile PUREGANIC MORINGA OIL ?

Omega 3 and omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids which reduces bad cholesterol increases good cholestrol. Vitamin C, Vitamin A, iron. Oleic Acid - lower rates of cardiovascular disease, neurological disease, artherosclerosis, infections, and certain types of cancer, helps to regulate blood glucose levels. 3 varieties of Vitamin E. i. u03b1-tocopherol, (105 mg/kg) ii. u03d2-tocopherol ( 39 mg/kg) and iii. u03b4-tocopherol (77 mg/kg) These are strong antioxidants protecting the skin when applied topically and also boosts the immune system. Sterols u03b2 u2013 Sitosterol u2013 Reduces cholesterol, strong antioxidant , anti-diabetic activity, reduces blood cholesterol levels and also improve other blood lipid levels, preventing and treating prostate enlargement and colon cancer cells,boosts the immune system, supports the pancreas,helps to heal ulcers can alleviate cramps Campesterol u2013 Strongly anti-inflammatory and reduces osteoarthritis. Stigmasterol u2013 Reduces absorption of cholesterol and lowers blood glucose. Flavonoids u2013 (18 mg RAE per gm.) These are antioxidants which exert a protective effect on our body, strengthen the blood vessels and lower inflammatory problems. Saponins- Natural Viagra, production of testatrone Isothiocyanates - anti-inflammatory properties. This also makes it Anti Cancerous and protects cells during chemotherapy

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