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1 drop in diet any time during entire day .

Product Description

Product Description

Tulsi is a well known D-tox and immunity booster so we call this 1 drop Suraksha Chakra for entire family.

Daily use cleanses the body from with in and once toxins are removed body organs perform better.

Earlier pollution & toxin levels being very low people used to consume 4-5 leaves from the tulsi plant in the house or temple.

In todays environment this is not enough.

Tulsi is Great in stress relief, uplifts moods, in balancing energy levels, easing jetlag.

A powerful Adaptogen (improves the adaptive processes of the body so that it responds well in stressful times) It is Powerful Anti-Oxidant, Antibiotic, Anti-viral, Anti-cancer, Antiseptic, Anti-Allergen, Anti-Cholesterol, Anti-Tumor, Anti-Stress, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-fungal It helps D-Tox, Arterial blockage, clears Cholesterol, Boosts Immunity and stamina, Protects from Effects Of Season Change, Jetlag, Allergies, Stress relief, Memory Power, Haemoglobin.

It is edible and can be applied externally also. Use daily not just when you are sick.

How to Use

Use daily and not just when u r sick/ill.

Daily add 1 drop Tulsi Ark in half to 1 liter of any temperature water (water quantity depends on personal taste). Consume that water at a stretch in the morning or sip through out the day. Can also mix with curd, green-tea, honey, veg or fruit juice. For children add in their water bottle or in raita or in their cooked food which becomes basil flavoured. Eg: basil flavour pasta.

Mix 3-4 drops with Hair Oil / Shampoo for dandruff.

Mix 3-4 drops with facewash/ face pack for acne.

Add 2 drops with u00bd tsp honey and massage on the gums so that the baby can teeth easily.

Mix 3-4 drop with water and apply on face, hands, legs as mosquito repellent.

Add 1-2 drop in cotton bud and place on aching tooth.

2 drops in half glass water & gargle to remove mouth odour.

Who Can Use

Each and everyone from 6 months old to 85 years.

CHILDREN of all ages.

People facing POLLUTION mobile TV laptop RADIATION.

People needing extra stamina / energy.

FREQUENT FLIERS, allergy-prone, low immune people.

CANCER-TUMOR survivors for preventing relapse.




Miracle cure for- Obesity, Tumors, BP, Diabetes, Manages Stress, Allergies ,Hormone Balance, Jet Lag.

Respiratory Problems: Cold, Cough , Sore throat , Lungs , Inflammation , Asthma ,Bronchitis.

Oral Health :Gargle with 4-5 drops in water for Bad Breadth , Pyoria ,Mouth sores , Tooth pain & decay , Bleeding Gums.

Apply externally : As natural mosquito repellent acne , pimples , for cleansing & skin glow , on insect bite , Lightens Scars And Marks.

Prevents & cures :Fever , Viral fever , Swine flu , Dengue , Chicken Gunia , Malaria , Morning Sickness of Pregnancy , Worms in stomach , Kidney stones , Joint pain.

For easy teething of Infants- Feed diluted drops to baby + mix with honey n apply on gums.

As Flavoring Agent In -Tea, Dips, Italian, Continental Food, Salad Dressing, Mocktails, Smoothies, Green juices .

Helpful for diseases like

Chemo Protection


Swine flu




["Tulsi is a Very common herb found in India from the basil group. Due to its exceptional benefits it is considered holy and every household in Ancient India had a bed of tulsi plants. It is known to Anti-Oxidant. Antibiotic. Anti-viral. Anti-cancer . Antiseptic . Anti-Allergen. Anti-Cholesterol. Anti-Tumor. Anti-Stress. Anti-Inflammatory. Anti-fungal. Ark means essence /extract . Pureganic Tulsi Ark is concentrate of five different varieties of Tulsi - Ram, Shyam (Krishna), Vishnu, Van , Kapur, blended in such a proportion that it is healthy and tasty.


Detoxifies your body. It increases immunity. Prevents cold and respiratory problems. Tulsi is Adaptogen - a substance that gives an extra boost to body organs and system. Its so potent and powerful that just one drop is enough.

3.I eat fresh tulsi leaves everyday then why must use I use PUREGANIC TULSI ARK?

One drop of PUREGANIC TULSI ARK has the power of 50-100 leaves of tulsi. A laser is much more powerful and effective that a tubelight. This is similar analogy.

4.Can adults / senior citizens have PUREGANIC TULSI ARK?

Yes . Everyone from 6 month old to senior citizen.

5.What is the shelf life?

This being anti bacterial + anti fungal and also due to the ancient method of making an ark this technically does not spoil for 10 years.

6.Can I have more than one drop? Will it cause harm if I have more than a drop?

It will not cause any harm if taken more than a drop. But in taste one might find it very concentrated and not so pleasant. In fact in case of high cough, cold or flu we recommend taking one drop twice a day.

7.What if I mix PUREGANIC TULSI ARK in single glass instead of half to one liter of water?

It will not cause any harm. But in taste one might find it very concentrated and not so pleasant.

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